Curriculum Vitae

Award "Konstantinos Ktenas" to Dr. Dr. Niki Evelpidou by the Academy of Athens for work promoting the geological knowledge of the Greek region and with titile: "Evidence of a recent rapid subsidence in the S-E Cyclades (Greece): an effect of the 1956 Amorgos earthquake?". According to the Academy of Athens, this is a high-quality scientific study, that contributes to the knowledge of a major geological event of the recent past.

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The State Scholarships Foundation in the framework of the Operational Programme "Education and Life Long Learning" 2007-2013 awarded National and Kapodistrian Univesity of Athens with the "2nd Financial and Administrative Management Award" for the coordination by Dr. Dr. Niki Evelpidou of the Erasmus Programme for the year 2011-2012.

Patent from the Industrial Property Organisation of the Ministry of Development (No: 20080100086 / 06.02.2008) on: "Automatic flood protection system from overflow of hydrographic network".


Patent by the Industrial Property Organisation of the Ministry of Development (No: 200701003767 / 05.12.2007) on "Continuous monitoring of erosion (geomorphological) in three dimensions".


Scholarship from the Vardinoyianneio Foundation for postgraduate studies with specialization in the environment.

The State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) awarded Niki Evelpidou as the highest postgraduate student of the year 1996-97 of the Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment.

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