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2008-today "Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing"

Participation in the course 'Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing' in the framework of the Master of Science 'Oceanography', Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens ( Scientific Coordinator.

Content: Oprating Systems - Logical Diagrams and Programming Languages - Applications of Numeral and Statistical Analysis in Geosciences using Computers - Mapping Principles - Systems of Geographic and Cartesian Projections - Coordinate Conversions - Data Types - Spatial Dimension and Data Analysis - Data Input - Topology - Thematic Levels - GIS Design - Databases - Data Display (Maps, Charts, etc.) - Analysis of 3-variable Parameters - Mapping Analysis Methods - Correlations of Thematic Levels - The Digital Image and its Exploitation in Remote Sensing - Introduction in the Methodology of Processing and Interpretation of Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images.

Fieldwork on a map

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