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2017-today: "Atmospheric, Geomorphological and Oceanographic Processes in the Geoenvironment"

Teaching of the course 'Atmospheric, Geomorphological and Oceanographic Processes in the Geoenvironment' within the framework of the Master of Science 'Geolgraphy and Environment'.

Content: Special chapters in Physical and Environmental Geography - General circulation of the atmosphere, distributio of pressure and rainfall - Atmospheric long-wave oscillations (NAO, ENSO, NCPI) and the impact on the environment - Biometeorology, calculation of indicators (based on the radiation balance of the human body) and their application in tourism, human health - Physical Processes (terrestrial, atmospheric, marine in the coastal zone) - Coastal Sediments (origin, transport, deposition, pollution) - Analysis of landforms based on their morphogenesis and evolution (synthesis, conclusions). 

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