Curriculum Vitae

2018: "Geomorphology - Laboratory Exercises"

Evelpidou N., 2018. ‘Geomorphology - Laboratory Exercises’, published by Academic Publishers, p.258.


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2017: "Sea Level Changes"

Evelpidou Ν., 2017. Sea Level Changes. ION Publications.

2015: "Geographical Information Systems"

Pages from 9638 Evelpidou BookEvelpidou Ν., Antoniou V., 2015. Geographic Information Systems. ISBN: 978-960-603-164-9, pp. 158







2009: "Mapping Geomorphological Environments"

Pavlopoulos K., Evelpidou N., Vassilopoulos A., 2009. ‘Mapping Geomorphological Environments’, published by Springer, p.235.







2006: "Quaternary Geology"

quaternary-geologyLivaditis G., Evelpidou Ν., 2006. Quaternary Geology, p. 136.

2006: "Geographic Information System - Use of MapInfo Professional"

gis-coverKoutsopoulos, Κ, Evelpidou Ν., Vassilopoulosς Α. Geographic Information System - Use of MapInfo Professional. Papasotiriou, p.273.

2001: "Windows-Word-Excel-Internet from theory to practice"

windows-word-excelVaiopoulos D., Vassilopoulos Α., Evelpidou Ν., 2002. Windows-Word-Excel-Internet from theory to practice, University textbook for the course "Geological Data Processing using Computer", p. 496.

2002: "GIS from theory to practice"

gisVaiopoulos D., Vassilopoulos Α., Evelpidou Ν., 2002. GIS from theory to practice, University textbook for the course "Space Science and Technology Applications", p. 463.