Curriculum Vitae

2018: "Coastal systems"

Karkani A., Evelpidou N., 2018. Coastal systems. In: Masciandaro, G., Doni, S., Macci, S., Peruzzi, E. (Eds.), Fieldtrip guide “Land Degradation and Rehabilitation in Mediterranean Environments”, pp. 41-44. Fieldtrip guide within the framework of the homonymous educational seminar that took place in Pisa (Italy) on 11-23 March 2018.

2017: "Quaternary GeoEnvironment-ArchaeoGeomorphology"

Evelpidou N., Karkani A., Gatou M. (Eds.), 2017. Quaternary GeoEnvironment-ArchaeoGeomorphology. Field trip guide within the framework of the homonym training school which took place in Naxos Island during 28/08/2017-10/09/2017.

2017 "Land rehabilitation in Mediterranean environments"

Evelpidou N., Karkani A., Giannikopoulou K., 2017. Land rehabilitation in Mediterranean environments. Field trip guide for the homonym educational seminar that was held both in Athens and Naxos on the 20th-31st of March 2017.

2016 "Coastal Erosion"

Evelpidou N., Karkani E., Kotinas V., 2016. Coastal Erosion. Notes within the framework of the Erasmus+ International Course 2016 entitled: 'Land Rehabilitation of Degraded Environments', that took place at Lugo (Galicia, Spain) on the 4th-15th of April 2016.

2015 "G.I.S."

Evelpidou Ν., Kotinas V., 2015. Notes, G.I.S Laboratory, University of Athens, Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment.

2012 "Studying the Environment-Protection and Management-Marathon National Park Schinias"

Antoniou V., Argyraki A., Athanassas K., Evelpidou N., Godelitsas, A., Karkani E., Merino A., Pirazzoli P., Vassilakis E., 2012. Studying the Environment-Protection and Management-Marathon National Park Schinias. Field trip guide for the Translantional Education Camp, 23-24 October 2012, Athens.

2011 "Ancient structural materials and geomorphological evolution of West Crete during prehistoric and historical times"

Stamatakis Μ., Evelpidou Ν., Poulos S., Alexopoulos Ι., Vasilakis Ε., Kouli Α., Kampouroglou Ε., Papatheodorou G., 2011. Ancient structural materials and geomorphological evolution of West Crete during prehistoric and historical times. Field trip guide for the training school in 25-29 August 2011, Crete.

2009 "Erosion and Geomorphology"

Pavlopoulos K., Evelpidou N., Vassilopoulos A., Xanthakis M., 2009. Erosion and Geomorphology, Field trip guide στα πλαίσια του training school Soil protection in sloping Mediterranean Agri-Environments, Erasmus Intensive Training Programme, SPinSMEDE 2009.

2008 "Mathematic Geography"

Vaiopoulos D., Vassilopoulos Α., Evelpidou Ν., Skianis G., 2008. "Projective Systems and Analysis of Three-dimensional Parameters", Notes for the course "Mathematic Geography" for the MSc "Geography & Environment’, p. 87.

2008 "Geomorphological Meeting,Landscape Evolution&Geoarchaeology"

Karkanas P., Baika K., Pavlopoulos K., Evelpidou N., 2008. Fieldtrip notes in the framework of the 13th Belgium-France-Italy-Romania Geomorphological meeting, Landscape Evolution & Geoarchaeology, June 18-21, Porto Heli.

2007 "Applied Geomorphology"

Pavlopoulos, Κ., Evelpidou Ν., 2007. Field trip notes. Laboratory exercise in the framework of the course "Applied Geomorphology in the Valley of Vouraikos River", for the course "Applied Geomorphology" of the Department of Geography of Harokopio University, p. 28.

2007 "Applications of Geomorphology, Theory & Practice"

Pavlopoulos Κ., Evelpidou Ν., Vouvalidis, Κ., Vassilopoulos Α., 2007. Field trip notes. ‘Applications of Geomorphology, Theory & Practice’, for the training seminar "Applications of Geomorphology: theory and practice" (co-organized by NKUA, Harokopio University of Athens, Committee of Geomorphology & Environment, East Aegean Geocultural Park) which took place at the National Center for Environment and Sustainable Development, 13-18/12-07, p. 76.

2006 "Guide to Samos Island"

Vassilopoulos A., Evelpidou N., Stamatakis, M., 2006. Field trip notes. ‘Guide to Samos Island’, for the meeting ‘CAVESNETWORK, Steering Meeting & Thematic Seminar ‘Risks & Safety’‘, for the programme INTERREG III C CAVESNETWORK in Samos Island, 5-7/10/2006, p. 31.

2006 "GeoCultural Resources of Samos Island - a brief guide"

Vassilopoulos A., Evelpidou N., Stamatakis, M., 2006. Field trip notes. ‘GeoCultural Resources of Samos Island - a brief guide-’, for the conference "Cultural Landscapes: Economy and Regional Development" 5-6 May 2006 in Samos Island, under the programme "Drasi Α27" of the europian programme COST, p. 26.

2006 "Computers & GIS"

Vaiopoulos D., Evelpidou Ν., Vassilopoulos Α., 2006. Notes for the laboratory of the course "Computers & GIS", pages 71. 

2005 "Geomorphology"

Maroukian H., Gaki-Papanastasiou Κ., Papadopoulou Κ., Evelpidou Ν., 2005. Notes for the Laboratory of the course "Geomorphology", pages 90.