Curriculum Vitae

European Union

2010-2012 "SMARTeST FP7"

SMARTeST FP7: Seventh framework program for research and technological development, Area: Built Environment, ENV.2009. Technologies for improved safety of the built environment in relation to flood events,“Smart Resilience Technology, Systems and Tools”. This research program has the overall aim to improve the Road to Market of innovative Flood Resilient (ERe) technology by reducing deficiences and obstacles in the implementation of Flood Resilience Measures, facilitating the design of more holistic flood defence systems and supporting the implementation of the new EU flood risk management policy of "Living with Floods". Through a collaborative research program involving leading European institutions in this subject from the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands and Cyprus, new technology, systems and tools will be developed, guidelines for validating their performance developed and applied in experimental studies to determine the reliability of today's Flood Resilience products.