Curriculum Vitae

Study of the palaeogeographical evolution of the coastal zone of Naxos.


Applied geomorphology - boreholes as tools for the palaeogeographical evolution of the coastal zone


Study of paleoshorelines in Cyclades

Study of beachrocks as sea level indicators in Cyclades, Greece


Research of sea level changes in Greece

Study of the ecoflow in Acheloos River.

Interview of Dr. Dr. N. Evelpidou at Ionian TV on surveys regarding sea level changes in Kefallonia Island.

Interview of Dr. Dr. N. Evelpidou (TV show 'Tora') regarding the underwater research in Cyclades and the award by the Academy of Athens.

Field work in Italy for the study of sea level changes during Holocene.

Fish Tanks Italy Part A

Fish Tanks Italy Part B

Exhibition of Geological Photography-Geotechnics, which took place in the framework of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Department of Geology of the University of Athens.

Documentary regarding the caves of the island of Samos

Study of coastal erosion by wave action.

Protected areas and organized parks. The Marathon-Schinias area.

Study for the protection against floods (SMARTeST EU peoject)

Training school "Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Modeling" which took place in Gavle (Sweden) on 1-5 June 2009.

Fieldwork on a map

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